Collaborating for a better environment
through small daily actions.

Continuously improving on factors affecting the environmentand actively participating
in Earth's protection for a prosperous and convenient life.


Respecting the value of coexistence and
harmony between humans and the environment

We aim to preserve a clean and beautiful natural environment by continuously improving factors
that affect the environment and to improve human life in a healthy and enriched way.

Environment Policy

  • Sincerely comply with domestic environment-related laws and other requests related to the company and environment-related regulations that is set by the company.

  • Strive to preserve natural resources, reduce waste occurred and increase recycling through resource and
    energy-saving activities.

  • In order to minimize potential environmental impacts such as leaks and fires in the process,
    concentrate on environmental accident prevention activities.

  • Reduce environmental pollution by managing thoroughly environmentally harmful substances and facilities.

  • Have them recognize the importance of preventing environmental accidents and
    protecting the environment through education and training for all employees and subcontractors.

Safety Policy

Creating a safe and healthy corporation, placing
people and the environment as its top priority

Sound management is our top priority based on a sense of environmental concern,
safety and community that respects nature and humans.
It is our standard that if the products are not safe, we will neither produce nor trade them.

Safety Policy

  • Believe that all accidents can be prevented, and all work can be performed safely.

  • Management has final responsibility for the safety of employees, and all employees are obliged to follow safety rules.

  • All risk factors at the site must be quickly removed, and this must be confirmed through a safety inspection

  • All executives and employees in the company must make every effort to achieve zero accidents.

Safety Management

  • Environment Management Activities

    1. 1.

      Atmospheric management:
      1st type of blue business unit

    2. 2.

      Water quality management:
      1st type of blue business unit

    3. 3.

      Waste management

    4. 4.

      Management of hazardous chemicals (toxic substances)

  • Safety Management Activities

    1. 1.

      Industrial safety management

    2. 2.

      Process safety management (PSM)

    3. 3.

      High pressure gas safety management

    4. 4.

      Energy management

    5. 5.

      Hazardous materials and
      fire control

Safety Certifications

We will become a company that prioritizes
safe product production and loves environment.

We are implementing environmental safety management through the acquisition of
international standard certification of an environmental management system.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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